Cristian F. Breton, MD

Chief Medical Officer. Principal Investigator Board. Certified in Internal Medicine.

Cristian Breton, MD, is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist. After finishing his post-graduate studies in 1987 he founded what is today the Primary Care and Diabetes Group of Kendall, a multi-provider practice that takes care of more than 7000 patients. Aware of the ever-growing need for information to guide his therapeutic decisions and provide better and safer treatment for his patients, Dr. Breton decided to become a clinical investigator in the year 2002. His interest in this important activity grew and in 2004 he founded, along with two colleagues, International Research Associates, LLC. Since then he has been a very active member of the research community and has consolidated a team of medical professionals that have successfully conducted more than two hundred studies in phases 1 through 4 in the areas of diabetes and metabolic, weight loss, pain, osteo-muscular, cardiovascular, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, respiratory and infectious diseases.

Dr. Breton’s own views of medical practice and science as a means of being of service to others reflect in the culture of the organizations he leads and have significantly contributed to the high performance and standards of his team.