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About Us

International Research Associates, LLC (INTRA) is a clinical research company founded in 2004. With the help of thousands of volunteers, we have successfully conducted hundreds of studies that have made available new and better treatments for this, and future generations.

We work in many different areas that include cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic, osteo-muscular, neurology, psychiatry, respiratory, gastroenterology, pain management, infectious diseases, among others.

INTRA has conveniently located offices, near major highways and served by public transportation.



What drives us

Finding better treatments takes a lot of work, dedication and knowledge, but above all a team of volunteers and medical professionals committed to safely obtaining reliable and abundant information.

We believe in what we do

Our team is composed of Nurses and MDs who have a deep understanding of research methodology, Good Clinical Practice and the importance of patient safety as the basis of obtaining reliable data to guide therapeutic decisions in the future.

Patient commitment

We know our patients and make sure they understand the importance of the role they are playing as volunteers and the multiple steps taken to ensure a safe, fulfilling and convenient study participation.

Team work

We believe that timely and open communication between the research team, patients and other study stakeholders is the key to a successful study.

Meet the team

Our team has years of experience both in clinical practice and research and ensures the safety of our patients and the integrity of the information they provides us with their participation.

Ready to Volunteer?

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