• A Research Team that shares your goals

About Us

International Research Associates, LLC (INTRA) is a biomedical research company founded in 2004. We have successfully conducted hundreds of studies in phases 1 through 4 focused in different therapeutic areas that include cardiovascular, metabolic, osteomuscular, neurology, psychiatry, respiratory, gastroenterology, pain management, infectious diseases.

INTRA has offices located in ethnically diverse metropolitan areas, blocks away from major medical centers and with easy and fast access to airports, hotels and restaurants. Our research activities orbit around the private practice of our investigators, which is the main source of our volunteers.

What drives us

Contributing towards a higher purpose through learning, improvement, team work and creativity is at the core of our culture.

We believe in what we do

Our team is composed of Nurses and MDs who have a deep understanding of research methodology, GCP and the importance of providing clean and reliable data to guide therapeutic decisions in the future.

Patient quality and retention

Our Investigators are the healthcare providers of most of our volunteers. We know our patients and make sure they understand the importance of the role they are playing as participants.

Team work

We believe that timely and open communication with sponsors, patients and other study stakeholders is the key to a successful study.

Data driven decision making

Study enrollment and retention are important for everybody. We only commit to do a study when we are sure we can comply with the enrollment objectives in the predefined time. Our performance metrics show the results.

Patient selection and retention

Our recruitment strategy is centered on chart reviews to identify the proper patient from within our investigators practice. Choosing the right patient for a study is of paramount importance to ensure proper collection of the required data, patient retention, compliance and patient safety.

A project management approach to research

Committing enough time to preparation before execution is the key to success for any project. We carefully undertake personnel training, source document design, processes preparation and resources allocation before the first patient is brought into any study.

Meet the team

Our team has years of experience both in clinical practice and research and ensures the safety of our patients and the integrity of the information they provides us with their participation.